Dinner for 8

Dinner for 8 is a new activity consisting of Soliya-hosted virtual gatherings bringing together 8 people from the Soliya Network community with some of the most thought-provoking leaders in the fields of international relations, dialogue, community engagement and new media politics.

The dinners are interactive working-style sessions aimed at engaging the Soliya Network community with experts, offering meaningful encounters and gaining insights into best practices. A typical session would go as follows:
·  Introductions & Expectations. 15-20 mins.
·  Guest Introduction. 10-15 mins.
·  Working Session. 30-40 mins.
·  Closing Statements. 10-15 mins.

Dinner for 8 has been launched as a pilot and will become a regular activity in the next few months. Check this blog for the latest updates and recordings of previously hosted dinners.