Online Public Squares

Welcome to the Online Public Squares homepage! Soliya Network members will find everything they'll need to complete the training needed to initiate an Online Public Square.

What are Online Public Squares?
Online Public Squares are facilitated group dialogues, sparked by compelling videos of voices from around the world and input from experts, in which participants from within and across cultural, geographic, religious and political communities engage with each other to explore their respective perspectives, discuss important issues and, when appropriate, agree on a course of action.

Online Public Squares can happen online as well as in person and can benefit cross-regional as well as uni-regional dialogue groups.  They are primarily designed and led by our experienced Soliya Network members: Conveners, Facilitators and Hosts. Participants from outside of the Soliya Network community are also invited and welcomed to participate in the discussions.

Here are the documents that participants will need to initiate an Online Public Squares:
Here are the documents for Online Public Squares training:
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